January 26, 2022

10 Free Company Letterhead Templates

A Company Letterhead is business stationery that is imprinted or embossed with the company name, logo, and address at the top of the official letter. It is as important as the company logo and its business name. It represents the company and is regarded as the legal document of the company. It makes the company more popular and professional looking. It is an important part of communication and is only used for the official matters relating to various issues of businesses. Generally, it is used in communicating with the various departments as well as with the outside the company.

Every company has its own letterhead that it is used to send letters within the company, to send business proposals, make quotations and appointment letters, as well as it is used in official letter movements, in purchasing inventory, and in other business related matters. In short, a company letterhead serves as the legal representative of the company in all types of business-related correspondences.

Although some companies use printing press machine to have their letterheads printed on bond papers and stationery ready to use for the office documents and communication letters; however, this is quite pricey. The other option is to use a printable letterhead. For this, a company hires a graphic artist to design a company logo and save it on the computer so that it can be used if needed. This method works well with small companies as it minimizes consumption of colored ink and paper.

Keeping in view the importance of company letterheads, it is significant to design it carefully. The letterhead should be designed in such a way that it represents the company mission and vision clearly and effectively. Each figure in your letterhead design should mean something and should be beneficial for your business. Do include company address, contact numbers like telephone and fax, as well as a company email, and website address, if you have one.

If you are planning to design a new letterhead or changing your current company letterhead, then keeps it simple and professional looking. Once designed, it is time to change all the stationery that is used by company for correspondence. This may include the letters, envelopes, compliment slips, purchase orders and invoices, memo pads and note pads as well as the business cards that usually printed for company executives and salespersons.

It should be remembered that a company letterhead can be the same as the company logo. In such a case, it would be necessary to change the signage in front of company buildings, the lettering on all company vehicles in addition to the updating the look of the company website.

Although designing a company logo might be a tough task as you have to think about the design and color scheme of the letterhead; however, it is quite easy to get some ideas from the professional graphic designers or by doing some search on internet. Design a letterhead that not only appeals to others but also gives a neat and professional look.

Free Company Letterhead Templates

Here are 10 Free Company Letterhead Templates in MS Word Format to help you prepare your own Letterhead easily.

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