Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator Template

People use the waist to hip ratio to determine whether they have apple shaped body or pear shaped body. This way you check if you have a perfect body or you need to lose some weight around your belly or buttocks. Doctors, physicians and health instructors use this ratio to determine the extra fats in a person’s body and once it’s cleared that he is fat, they prescribe him or her low calorie food chart or work out techniques like walk or pushups. If you have apple shaped body, it means that you have more weight around your belly and in this situation; you need to lose some weight around your waist. On the other hand, if you have pear shaped body, it explains that you have more weight around your buttocks and there is no harm in that means your body is perfect. You can measure the circumference of both your waist and hips but it’s not an easy job to find if you are fat or not. The waist to hip ratio calculator helps you in this process.

This calculator has become a very important part of our lives as we regularly use it to measure if we are fat or not. This calculator has some formulas in its memory and uses those formulas to measure your waist to hip ratio. This way it’s easier to maintain a low calorie diet plan and you are surer about what type of exercise you need to lose the weight around your belly or hip. You just need to go to a website which offers a free online calculator and the calculator requires you to enter your waist and hip size and the calculator provides you if you need to lose weight or your body is perfect.

The biggest benefit of this calculator is that it allows you to check your body status at home by yourself and you don’t need any health instructor or nutritionist who instructs you in return of a few dollar fees. Another advantage of this calculator is that it informs you about your health if you are putting on weight or your diet is not healthy. People who eat a lot of junk food like burgers, French fries and milkshakes, put on weight quicker and most of that weight goes around the belly which is not a good sign. You can use this calculator in your computer or cell phone and it doesn’t need internet to generate the results. With the help of this calculator you continuously keep an eye on your weight and this keeps you aware of any changes in your body and it prevents you from catching diseases like heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes.

Here is preview of this Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator Template,

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator Template

General uses of a waist to hip ratio calculator:

  • Common people use this calculator at homes to find their waist to hip ratio which tells them if they are healthy or need to do some work out.
  • Doctors and physicians use this calculator for the incoming patients to tell them if they need to put down some wait or not.
  • Physical and gym instructors use this calculator to create a perfect work out plan for their clients who want to cut some fat around their belly or hips.
  • Nutritionists use this calculator to create a diet plane for their clients if they are fat around waist or buttocks.

Here is download link of this Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator Template,

Download Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator Template


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