Tenancy Contract Template

The tenancy contract or rental contract is an agreement between you and your property-owner. It might be in written form or sometimes oral. The tenancy agreement provides many convinced rights to the both tenant and owner like the right to reside in the accommodation and on other side it gives the right to the owner to receive the rent against the accommodation. Resident of rent and the owner of the housing possibly will have made many provisions regarding to the tenancy contract and these provisions will be elements of the tenancy contract as long as they do not make any clash according to law. The tenancy agreement is capable of give equally legal rights to occupant (who is on rent) and landlord but cannot give you less than your legal rights. If there is a written agreement, it should include the type of tenancy. Such contract should be signed by the both of the parties. If more than one resident is exist then their signs should also obligatory and a copy of the agreement should be given to all.

An oral tenancy agreement also exists when both parties set an oral contract which is not written. For example a property-owner and an occupant get agreed at the beginning of the month on such points like, how much rent should be and the date of payment, whether it includes the utility bills or not or whether the landlord shall make decision of whom else be able to live in the accommodation and other decisions. Such oral agreements might not be capable of to put into effect because oral agreements does not have any evidence of what has been contracted. A landlord has a right to have an excellent access to carry out maintenance and repairs; property-owners do not has a right to enter in any other situation unless they get permission from the occupant or as per mentioned in the contract in some cases it is mentioned in the contract that if the owner want to enter in the premises of the rented place then he should have court orders.

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Tenancy Contract Template

Now we shall discuses those mistakes which lead towards the disputes between the owner and the occupant. Mostly it is observed that the both parties usually not develop a written agreement and many decisions include some very important issues are settled orally which sounds the alarm of the dispute. And then the issues of the utility bills like gas and electricity, it is very important to determine that whether utilities include in the monthly payment or not otherwise it can create a dispute.  Another thing should be also mentioned in the contract that what furnished like tables, chairs and kitchen and living room articles like cooking range in kitchen and sofas etc in living room are providing by the owner of the premises and their working conditions should be mentioned clearly because of such items many disputes occur. And not only the above mentioned reasons cause the disputes but there are many other issues so if it is seems that any dispute is going to raise its head then the concern person should consult an experienced adviser without wasting further time.

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