Salary Comparison Sheet Template

A salary comparison tool works for both kinds, in case you are searching for a job or already doing a job but just want to make sure that you are getting paid rightly. When you are looking for a job, it’s important to know your actual worth to an employer. You should not rush to accept a post if you are not sure about the salary you will get. Job satisfaction highly depends upon your pay scale and it’s better to do some research instead of ending up with unsatisfied job.

A salary comparison calculator is the best way to analyze your pay and job either it’s your present job or the job you are about to get. There are many websites that provide the facility of doing this comparison online and you can compare two or even more than two salaries at a time. It’s surely eliminates all your worries about the job and on the other hand, it secures your future and gives you maximum job satisfaction.

You can do this comparison by yourself and there is not too much to do. You just have to do some research about different companies and the pay scales they are offering and then by using some easy and common comparison tools you will end up with the best option.

Here is preview of a Free Salary Comparison Sheet Template created using MS Word,

Salary Comparison Sheet Template

To compare your salary by yourself, you have to consider the following factors like:

Standard salary:
This part is very easy to most people. The average salary means addition of two or more salaries and divided by their sum. Average salary is a good sign in general but it doesn’t show you the whole detail about the big picture. For example if you want to find out the average salary of a branch manager and you came know about different salaries like $2000, $5000 and $10000. Now by using this tool, we find that average salary of a branch manager is $5666 but it doesn’t show the right salary of a manager. Does it? This tools is not very accurate but most of the times, it’s good to have a pay scale above the average range.

Mean salary:
It’s the middle value that divides salaries into two parts: good part and bad part. Above discussed example the middle salary is $5000. This tool is more accurate as compared to standard salary tool because it gives you a better picture of whether you are in good region or in bad region.

Lowest and highest salary:
This tool is more easy to use and mostly gives you the less complicated result. It doesn’t give the exact pay scale of a particular job but it can give an almost accurate idea of the precise salary. For example if a company gives $5000 to its manager and another company gives $10000 to its manager then your ideal salary should be in between these two figures probably round about $7000.

Although these tools take a lot of your time but this way you end up with your dream job along with the right amount of salary. In my opinion, there is no harm to take some time before signing a contract with a company or accepting a new job.

Here is download link for this Salary Comparison Sheet Template,

Download Salary Comparison Sheet Template

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