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Scheduling is making an outline of the tasks and arrangements in order to achieve your goals. It is very important as it gives you an idea of how and where to go and what precautions to take. As if you are going to an unfamiliar destination you will definitely need a map. Without a map you will be lost and you will not be able to reach your destination or risk of being lost will always be there. Similarly in project preparation scheduling plays the role of a map. So working on a project without schedule may drive you away from your goals. Therefore it is very necessary and plays the role of a key in project preparation.

Now the question is how to prepare a schedule of your project? It is very easy but the most important task to schedule. Project scheduling should involve the starting and ending dates of the project. It includes five simple steps which are initializing, planning and designing, then executing and then monitoring and controlling the activities and finally closing of project keeping in mind the time span. Flow charts, data tables and some explanations are also the part of the project schedule. When you pick any project the first thing which you have to monitor is the scope of the project, if this step is not performed carefully it may happen that your project may not be successful in meeting the business’ demands. So in order to avoid such risks you should be well aware of the business environment and requirements. So many organizations are now using the project portfolio management (PPM) in order to select the right project.

Scheduling tells you about the sequence of activities you have to perform. It tells you when and which activity is to perform and which activity has been completed before. Scheduling is not an exact analysis, it’s just the rough estimation of works to perform and prediction of the risks involved in project preparation. The risks involved in a project may change so the schedule may be revised because of uncertainty involved. Project schedule gives you a guideline and tells you the best use of how, where and when the resources should be used. It helps you how to manage your time and helps you to monitor the project progress and activities. Through schedule you can estimate your project budget. You can reduce some resources and make other arrangements instead to achieve the required budget. Similarly you can monitor time durations of different tasks and accordingly increase the resources where required to complete your project in the best time. You can identify the problems and errors that may occur in the project completion through scheduling and correct them before it gets worse. Schedule helps you estimate the profit, expenditures and the review of the results. Before ending the project schedule you should monitor that all the steps and activities are included in schedule or is there any activity which is unnecessary and should be excluded. Now-a-days different software are used for this purpose. This software helps you to plan, organize and manage the resources and estimations. So we can say that the best and the successful project is the one which is best planned and properly scheduled.

Here is preview of a Free Project Schedule Template created using MS Excel,

Project Schedule Template

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