Permission Request Letter

There are many situations when you need to use a copyrighted material for your personal purposes i.e. teaching or educational purposes. Before doing so, you need to make sure that the actual author or owner of the copyrighted material allows the use of his or her intellectual property. If yes, find out what the guidelines are for the use of the property and if the owner doesn’t allow any kind of copy or use of the material, you need to ask for their permission. This is done with the formal permission request letter. In this letter, you address to the specific person who is the owner of the material or has the rights on the material and by explaining your situation and purpose of use of the copyrighted material, you ask for his permission.

Brief Description of Permission Request Letter:

The basic idea behind getting copyrights for intellectual property is that without the permission and consent of the owner, no one can use it. This includes dozens of types of intellectual properties i.e. books, research papers, theories, quotes, songs and videos. If you want to use such material for your personal purposes, you need to go through specific criteria in order to make sure you have the right or permission to do so. This starts with the basic understanding of the fact that the owner of the property has in fact owns the copyrights of the material and he prohibits others from using it. If yes, you need to locate the owner of the material or the person who has the rights on the material and contact him with the formal permission request letter. In this letter, you should address the specific person and explain why you want to use the copyrighted material and to what limits you want to use it. If the owner agrees with you, he will write you a permission consent letter or if he wants to negotiate on the rules for the use of the material, he will inform you about that too in the reply.

Sample Permission Request Letter


Frank Smith
124 Broadway 2nd street
New York, NY 53432


Thomas Clemton
Author, self publisher

Date: 26 August, 2015

Subject: request for publishing your book


Dear Mr. Charlie,

I would like to congratulate you on your book ’10 days in Paris’. I know it’s been a while but this congratulation is long overdue and my apologies for that. This is one of the books that just caught my attention and I couldn’t keep myself from finishing it in one session. The style of your writing and how you describe things in your own way fascinates me.

I wanted to give this book to one of my friends on his birthday and as I asked for it in the book shop yesterday, the shopkeeper told me that the first edition of this book is sold out and the publisher has decided not to continue it. It was quite a bad news for me but then I thought of an interesting thing; I am a publisher and I should ask for your permission to publish second edition of this book.

I have attached my credentials and official portfolio with this letter and I would like you to take a look at it and consider my request. I hope you will understand how much I will appreciate if you allow me to publish your book for second edition. I hope to hear from you very soon.


Yours sincerely,

Frank Smith