Packing List Template

Packing list is often used to show the information about order delivery. Generally packing list is known as shipping list and packing slip. Packing slip shows the number of items and kind of items on the behalf of the outside supplier and vendors to the clients/contractors. Packing slips are mostly used in term of large scale organizations. This particular document is prepared by the shipper who is responsible to monitor the process of shipping for timely delivery of order to the clients. Packing list is tagged on the container or trailer that is delivered to the customers. Other necessary details of transportation are also entered in packing list.

Buyer and purchaser require that particular document for the identification of their order shipped by the vendor. This is one of the important documents that are mostly used in business activities. Different companies use different types of packing list in term of design, format and pattern. As it is a source of communication between two parties. So, there must be such pattern of packing lists that not only provide complete information to the customers but also impress them and should be very professional. In order to compensate such requirements, there is created such helpful and dynamic template that contains several types of designs and patterns for packing list so that the process of order delivery may be more impressive and successful. You can download these formats according to your own choice.

Here is preview of this Free Packing List Template created using Microsoft Excel,

Packing List Template

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If you need more list templates, I strongly recommend you to check out these free list templates created using MS Excel.

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