Monthly Ovulation Calendar Template

What if you and your husband are trying to get pregnant but it’s just not happening and when you ask your doctor about the problem, he says that you should have intercourse during your ovulation period because in those days, you have more chances to conceive a baby. What the heck is an ovulation you ask? Let me tell you that it’s not something you feel ashamed of because every day in the life we learn something new which we didn’t know before. Ovulation is one of those things that you didn’t know and you can’t ask any of your friends because they already know that and you think they will make fun of you. But now you don’t have to worry anymore because here you can find what you are looking for. Ovulation period is a period during which your body is more fertile than usual and you have better chances to get pregnant when you are ovulating. Ovulation period is generally a two to three days time during which you ovary ejects eggs from its storage and when one of those eggs meets a sperm in the fallopian tube and becomes fertilize. It’s not an easy job to keep a track of your fertile time period but an ovulation calendar helps you in this scenario.

A female’s menstrual cycle lasts between 26 to 32 days generally and the ovulation usually occurs in the middle of that cycle in between the 10 and 20 day of the menstrual cycle or about 15 days before the next period happens. As you can see that this is very tough and complicated to keep a record of your menstrual cycle and have an information about your next ovulation period but this calendar does all that work within few seconds. You just need to enter the starting date of your last periods and the duration of your menstrual cycle and this calendar automatically provides you the information about the upcoming dates when you will be ovulating. This calendar helps those women a lot who are having problems to get pregnant and they want to know when they are ovulating so that they have the sexual intercourse to conceive the baby.

The biggest advantage of this calendar is that it tells you when you will be ovulating so you can plan those days before time. Many couples have different jobs and they can’t have sex whenever they feel like doing it and especially if they are trying to get pregnant around the ovulation period, they need to plan it several days before so they both will be available at the time. This calendar also helps women who live alone and their husbands are employed in another city. With the help of this calendar you can tell your husband to come home when you will be ovulating. This calendar also set you free from the paid visits to the physicians and gynecologists who tell you about your next ovulation period. This is a free application which you can use whenever you have a computer and internet.

Here is preview of this Monthly Ovulation Calendar Template,

nthly Ovulation Calendar template

General uses of a monthly ovulation calendar:

  • Women use this calendar to find out about their next ovulation period.
  • Gynecologists use this calendar to tell their clients about their next ovulation dates.
  • Couples who are having difficulties of getting pregnant use this calendar to find the best time to conceive the baby.
  • As this calendar also tells you about your next menstrual cycle, so you can use it to plan your routine in those upcoming times.
  • Women use this calendar as an alarm system so that they know exactly they have to stop the work out because they are ovulating and even if they don’t want to get pregnant, they don’t get sick due to the extra weakness of  the body.

Here is download link of this Monthly Ovulation Calendar Template,

Download Monthly Ovulation Calendar Template



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