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Before going to tell you the numerous benefits of an interoffice memo, it is good to define what an interoffice memo is. Interoffice memo or memorandum is a written document that is used as a communication tool in the office in order to share important information, amendments, calls for a meeting, time schedule etc with employees. In the professional world, memos and especially interoffice memos are very popular because of their unlimited benefits. When it comes to the style and format of an interoffice memo you will find that each organization has its own preference however a proper and professional interoffice memo includes some common points like a proper heading showing the subject, the date, the sender and the address of the sender, the context in which a background of the information is written in order to help the reader to understand the subject of the memo and its relation with the business world. The memo also contains tasks, resolutions, details, conclusion and attachments. Usually an interoffice memo is sent via email to all the employees and workers in an office.

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Free Memo Template

On the basis of the proper format of an interoffice memorandum, the following benefits are connected to it.

A concrete and faster mode of message

The biggest benefit of an interoffice memo is that it allows you to send a concrete and clear message to your employees within seconds. There is no need to communicate your message to your employees individually and hence it reduces the chances of making errors. You can simply write your message and information in details and can review it before sending.

Enhancing productivity and performance

Usually an interoffice memo is written by the management to bring the attention of employees and lower management towards a particular problem. When you communicate the problem area and discuss the possible solutions, its impacts and benefits on the condition of the organization. Employees will immediately start working on your proposed solution that will save your time and will increase the performance and productivity of each employee. With the help of interoffice memo one can ask for required actions without wasting time.


Interoffice memos are designed for the convenience of the top management and lower management. Sometimes an organization has a number of branches in different cities and even countries. It is impossible for the headquarters of the organization to communicate messages via phone or video calls to each branch. So they can create a single memo and can send it via email to all branches and to all employees without having a tension of changes in their message.

Saves you from legal actions

Sometimes, when you communicate a message orally people who are not present at the moment or are in the distance can claim that they didn’t get your words because of any issue. In some other cases when you fire your employee for not following your instructions and information about a particular thing  they sometimes knock at the door of law. Interoffice memo saves you from any legal claims or sue as you can show your written memo as an evidence.

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