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Lunch menu should consist of all essential nutrition because lunch is important meal of the day. You should include healthy and balanced diet in your lunch menu. People who are conscious about weight avoid eating or eat very less in the afternoon. They don’t know the after effects of skipping lunch. It causes high blood sugar level and you start to gain weight instead of losing weight. Our fast and hectic lifestyle is also responsible for keeping us far from healthy food and we rush towards fast food. Here i am going to share some useful information about what should include in your lunch menu. It is challenging job to select the lunch menu on daily basis but if you try to find something tasty and different, it will be interesting to select your lunch menu. Here are some tips for you to select the lunch menu.

Healthy diet should be your main focus while selecting lunch menu. So don’t forget to include vegetables and veggies in your lunch recipes. You can use different mix of veggies and vegetables. It will surely be tasty, different and healthy for you. Veggies that you should add in lunch menu include celery, carrot sticks, cherry, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and other veggie slaws.

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Lunch Menu Template

Fruits definitely should be a part of your lunch meal. It is said apple a day might keep the doctor away. You can include variety of fruits in your lunch like bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pears, plums and peaches. Try to pick fresh and seasonal fruits to add to your lunch box.

Sandwiches are considered almost required for lunch whether for kids in schools or parents in offices and workplaces. I am not against them but i want to say that you can do so many different things as lunch menu. Plain white bread, tuna/chicken salad, crackers, egg rolls, pasta dishes, stew and soups can be included in lunch menu. They are not only healthy but also let you enjoy different tastes for the whole week. I think all these are best than you are eating butter and jelly sandwiches forever.

You can include beans and rice dishes in your lunch menu. They are best in nutrition and also make you feel eat at fill.

Desserts can be a healthy part of your lunch as dairy products include in your diet on daily basis.

These are some tips and ideas for selecting the healthy and best items for your lunch. It is up to you how you become creative in preparing a healthy lunch for you and your kids. Things mention above are also best for adding in kid’s lunch menu to give them for schools.

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