Lesson Plan Template

Education has many aphorisms, marvelous word of wisdom and sincere guidance from numerous sources but the best and most effective teachers are the heart of education system and good thinkers and planners. The success of teacher demands commitment, diligence and practice particularly of skills related to planning their lessons. Lesson planning is the description of teachers working in classroom; developing a format for lesson plan is core skill for teachers. A Quality Lesson Plan can ensure a steady stream of teaching juice transferred to students on a systemic way.

Following mistakes are often observed while writing lesson plan.

  • Lesson objectives are not specified obviously in plan i.e. it does not provide a straight forward announcement of the achievement goals of lesson that what ability could be observed in students after the completion of lesson.
  • Assessment tools and activities do not match the teaching materials and objectives specified in objective statement. It is just an account of how teacher will conclude that teaching goals are accomplished, so it should be purposeful.
  • Preconditions or previous knowledge of learner is ignored while planning and both become apart from each other. This lack of connection reduces the learning; students must have the basic knowledge for proceeding to accomplish the lesson goals.
  • Lesson plan is less efficient due to lack of suitable instructions regarding the level of proposed learner. Efficiency means producing more with less effort or it can be said that with same effort the more learner percentage should be there and instructional efficiency is the key factor in effective lesson planning.
  • The learning activities stated in plan do not compatible with the lesson objectives and do not contribute to the effective learning. Students should not merely engaged in classroom for the sake of keeping them busy but every activity must add to the accomplishment of learning goals.
  • To assess the achievement of students you must have to define a firm grading scale that will create an exact figure about accomplishment of learning goals.
  • Some students in class may have extreme lack of interest in lesson, so lesson plan should be interesting and all the possible efforts must be made to carry interest of students. A boring and dry lecture will divert students from the topic. Different learning media can be added to the lesson plan to make it interesting and more effective.
  • As learners learn in different ways such as by hearing, seeing and doing, so in teaching all these styles must be inculcate in teaching for instance repeat the contents many times, write notes or key points and along with that plan manual activities for students so that all the senses get stimulated and engaged in learning.
  • While setting teaching goals make it sure goals are realistic and suitable for apprentices’ level. It also must be kept in mind students can not master the complicated concept in single attempt. So complex concepts must be broken into simpler ones or presented in parts for the learners’ convenience.
  • Planning too much or too less is another common mistake, time management is important factor in lesson planning. Do not include too many contents that can not be completed in the allowed duration and not too less which leave the students idle in class.

Here is preview of a quality free Daily Lesson Plan Template created using Microsoft Excel,

Lesson Plan Template

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