Issue Tracking Template

Issue tracker is computer software that helps you to manage and maintain lists of issues according to the requirements of organization. Issue tracker is usually required in the customer support call center to have updated reports of current and past issues and to resolve them on time. Issue tracker report is also produced to present it to the other members of the organization. A standard issue tracker is usually designed on the basis of knowledge base information of each customer with ability to resolve common problems and important data. An issue tracker is quite similar to “bug tracker” and still some “bug trackers” have features of issue trackers so these are used an issue tracking systems also. Issue tracker support important information required to prevent different issues.

Ticket for Issue Tracker

Usually issue tracker use ticket as an important element that contain vital details on the behalf of end-user who has reported the important incident about support interventions made by technical support staff or third parties. This system is designed to avoid all those problems that can restrict the workers from their working. Tickets are designed in a help desk or call center environment. Each ticket should contain reference number according to case, issue or call log number that is used to support staff and communicate the status of issue to the users.

Architecture of Issue Tracker

Issue tracker is designed in simple manner with a database for main storage repository for whole data. Data is usually managed by business logic layer of the application. This layer provides the underlying raw data with proper structure and meaning for the use of human being. Human readable data is offered to the support technicians through a web page. The data is settled in a way to facilitate end user so that he/she can create new issues, read existing issues and add details to these issues for their proper solution. The issue tracker will promptly record changes made by any user. The system is designed to record each action taken. The user is liable to search the solutions of all issues therefore some issues are assigned to the each user of the issue tracker. Any user is free to reassign any issue to other users as per his/her convenience. The issue tracker usually authenticates each user before allowing access to data.

Here is preview of a Free Issue Tracking Template created using MS Excel,

Issue Tracking Template

Types of Issues

  • There are several aspects of issues and each issue may have some value that is assigned by the issue tracker according to its urgency and overall importance.
  • Critical issues are considered as harsh in nature so these are required to be resolved on prompt basis in most expedient possible way.
  • Low or zero urgency issues are considered as minor issues and these are required to resolve as per the time and convenience of user.
  • Customer experiencing issue is another type of issue that is resolved on the basis of date of submission, detailed description of the problem, attempted solutions or work around as well as relevant information.

Here is download link for above mentioned Free Issue Tracking Template,

Download Issue Tracking Template

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