Interoffice Memo Template

Inter Office Memorandum (memo) is basically and purposely an internal official document used commonly by many organisations today. Its prime cause is effective communication within the organisation on an internal matter. This memo is actually as equivalent to a normal business letter but recipients are only company employees. The need to through an inter office memo in an organisation is still as important as it was in earlier times along with emails, for instance some important / serious / legal matters are still routed through memos, etc. Although we find that memos has often a cover email printed to attach memos.

Types of Memos

Types of memos has been categorically divided into four such as, (formats differ from company to company) information memos, problem-solving memos, persuasion memos, and internal memo proposal.

Information Memo

This memo primarily for information delivery or request information. The first para contains the prime cause and the second elaborates its.

Problem-solving Memo

Its prime matter is to advise on a particular scenario to bring in betterment. Here the first paragraph will mention the problem while the second will have an analysis of the problem.

Persuasion Memo

This memo persuades the targeted employees to participate in something which is normally not done. Hence, first para will start the positive approaches and the second will carry the ideas behind.

Internal Memo Proposal

This memo is to deliver new ideas and suggestions to the top hierarchy. Here, first para defines the reasons of putting up the memo and second will define the current scenario and also mention writer’s proposal. 

Formatting a Memo

Memos are usually pre designed document format adopted generally by companies. If you or your company does not have the memos templates, just read below and have one for yourself.

Let us also look for the contents required for an ideal Inter office

memorandum that consists of : Addressing to, From the desk of, bcc and cc,date,

The main context of the memo is just placed down the subject. These are required to be concise and more complete (not more than one page).

Here is preview of this Interoffice Memo Template,

Interoffice Memo Template

Planning Content

Planning the contents is something very important as inter office memo is typically an official document. It is important to keep in mind that these memos, which are purposefully designed, should be without mistakes as can be taken from references in the future or future actions related to the issue discussed in this particular memo submitted by you. Try to re check and proof read comprehensively to ensure the document is factually and correct.

It is to be noted that that an ideal inter office memo should be concise and be limited to maximum five points in discussion. Introduction depends on your topics while the conclusion is not required. Additionally, don’t forget to put in proper context and try to create a reference number to the subject line to have it easier located in the future.

Printing a Hard Copy

See if your company requires a hard copy to be circulated, just take a print then and put in initials.

Click here to download this Interoffice Memo Template

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