Internship Certificate Template

An internship is a scrutinized work experience which has intentional knowledge outcomes and objectives. In other words it can be explain that the internship is a chance of professional working which is given by an employer to be a part of an organization for specific period of time. More than seventy percent of job allocation by organizations is relate to the internee’s educational background. It is known that there are various steps of employment within the organization. The first stage is internship which shifts to the probation and then to the absolute stage of confirmation. A large number of organizations have pre planned and particular time period for the internees which can be reduce or increase depending on the performance of the trainee. The internship can be paid, not paid or partially paid in the shape of stipend.

The internship certificate is a document which attests to the fact that a student has completed a specific time period within a firm or an organization. This document is issued by the authorized person of the firm or organization to approve the skills of the internee which he or she had develop during the tenure of his or her internship. The internship certificate also depicts the tasks and responsibilities which assigned to internee throughout the internship. Although an internship certificate illustrates the professional association of a student within a firm or an organization.  The begging of an internship certificate tells about the firm or an organization in which the student has completed his or her internship.  The next part of the certificate is about internee’s name and his or her qualification. Further it tells about that specific department of the firm or organization in which the student had worked.

The qualification of student refers him or her towards the different departments of any firm or organization for example a student of accounting shall be appointed to the finance department and the engineering students shall be appointed to their concerned departments.  The next section of the certificate gives a detailed explanation of the activities of the workplace. This section is not too large in just two lines the functions of that department are explained briefly.  This section is explanatory, factual and clarifies shortly. Afterwards the time which the internee had spent in the firm mentioned from the start date to the end date. Sometimes an internee serves more than a single department of a firm in such case the date of joining and date of leaving from both departments mentioned separately.  Then the analysis and the evaluation of the seniors or head of department is also metioned shortly.The next section of the internship certificate is about the remuneration. If the internship is non-paid then the certificate of internship notifies about the voluntery services of internee. And in the last section the management or issuing authority of the internship certificate usually wish best of luck to student. The internship certificate is a key element in the professional walks of future life of a student.

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Internship Certificate Template

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