Internal Customer Service Survey

Providing the good and timely services to the customers is very important. An unsatisfying customer can be very daunting for your brand. They can show their dis-likeness on review websites which can damage the reputation of the company. But if you have managed an internal customer service system, then you can manage the complaints of the person very effectively and can satisfy the customers. The goal of providing the internal services to the customers is to mitigate the negative feelings of the person about the brand. You can measure the satisfaction level of the customer with the help of internal customer service survey.

Benefits of using the Internal Customer Service Survey:

Frequent conversations with your customers can solve many problems of you and your customer. You can never track how well you are going or how many problems you have solved and how many are yet to solve unless you meet the customers and take a conversation nap with them. With the help of this conversation, you can get the hard and complex data to handle. You can make the improvements with time. You can design the survey by yourself in order to check the satisfaction level of the person.

Design Guidelines:

Keep the survey to the point so that you can manage to get the manageable data in a very short period of time. Below are some key questions which you can ask the customers.

  1. How satisfied are you with the services of our company? (the answer will be based on the past experience of the customer with the company). in order to make it easy to answer, you can give them a scale of o to 10 to rate the services of the company.
  2. What was the most satisfied product of our company?
  3. What was the least satisfied product or the experience with our company?
  4. What improvements can be made in order to increase the satisfaction level of the person?

These questions are very important which give the chance to the customer to give some suggestion to the company for making the improvements. Some companies want to add the demographic questions to the survey but these questions are not necessary to add.

Here is preview of a free sample Internal Customer Service Survey created using MS Word,

Internal Customer Service Survey

Click here to download this Internal Customer Service Survey

Tips for the Survey Design:

Here are few tips which can make your survey more productive.

  1. Keep your survey short so that the customer finishes answering it within 2 minutes. Do not try to ruin the positive comments of the customer with the negative comments of some other customer.
  2. Use email notifications. Setup your survey in such a way that it can email a response to each email address. Someone from the company should be able to check the email box frequently. Reviewing each email becomes very hard to acquire as the number of coming emails increases.
  3. The best strategy for this survey is that you should respond quickly to the customers. First reply to those customers who are not happy with the services or the product of the company.

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