Goods Export Invoice Template

The export process is not as easy as one can consider it, because lots of documents are required to prepare specifically for the United States. The commercial invoice is the most important document related to the export transaction and this invoice is often known as goods export invoice. The invoice usually details  name of both seller and buyer of goods, date of transaction, complete descriptions of goods and commercial value of goods in the currency of the importer’s and the exporter’s country. Goods export invoice is a most important document that enables you to collect the payment of your goods.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Goods Export Invoice/Quote Template created using MS Excel,

Sales Quote Template

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Tips to Design Appropriate Goods Export Invoice

It is important to design goods export invoice according to the home country of importer and following are some common guidelines that will help you in this regard:

  • In the first step, you have to collect complete information about the important points of goods export invoice according to the rules and regulations of the selected country. Check with the price of the goods according to the currency of importer before mentioning price in the invoice.
  • Investigate about the standards for exporting countries you are doing business with. You can take the help of credit managers to design goods export invoice and to save yourself from all challenges related to the export of goods.
  • Coordinate the available resources of your company and collect the best information from the qualified people of your company in the areas of export in your own company. It will help you to comply with the rules and regulations of other countries.
  • Do not consider the language of your own country, because it will not be convenient for the importers. You have to choose the language of your importer’s country to write your invoice in the same language.
  • It is important to write a declaration in the exact words to meet with the criteria of your import country. You can consult the sample provided by the importer country. You can also check with the internal trades department and the trade office of the foreign government to get the standard format and the wordings of the declaration.
  • Design certification paper for the importer country and get the letter of credit from the countries who are the importer of your goods. It will make your work easier and save you from lots of legal troubles.

Common Mistakes in the Goods Export Invoice

  • Exactly write the details of the goods to be imported in the letter of credit and take the sign the export invoice in the same way as you signed the letter of credit. Any difference in the signature may cause various troubles for the both parties involved in the import of goods.
  • It is important to follow the same format of the importing country for the designing of the invoice for the smooth flow of the import process for all involved parties.
  • Proofread your goods export invoice before sending it and it will be good to send one copy to your customer to rectify any error before time.

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