Food Journal Template

Developing healthy eating habits isn’t as mystifying or as restraining as various people imagine. The first principle of healthy diet simply means eating a wide variety of foods. This is vitally important because different foods make a variety of nutrition contributions. Secondly fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes foods have high complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These items are low in fat and free of cholesterol and make up a bulk of calories you consume. The rest should come from low fat dairy products, lean meat, poultry and fish. You should try to maintain a balance between calorie ingestion and calorie expenditure. Avoid more food than your body can utilize otherwise you will gain weight. Always maintain balance while taking diet to remain more active.

Various nutrition experts agree that keeping a Food Journal is critical for weight loss success. A Food Journal creates a conscious awareness of food intake and eating patterns. Some factors like age or genetics are outside of our control so you can make choices about what food to eat.

Here is preview of a freely available Food Journal Template created using Microsoft Word,

Feed Journal Template

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Here are some instructions to keep your Food Journal:

Details that should include:

  • Eat or Drink: Be specific and include everything.
  • Quantity: Size, volume, weight and number of items.
  • Time: Specify time of day to eat or drink this beverage.
  • Where: Set location where you want to eat.
  • Activities: List activities while eating.
  • Mood: Notice your feeling before, during and after eating.

Focus of Purpose of Food Journal Templates

What you include in your Food Journal depends on which area concerns you most.

  • If you have problem with portion then focus on weighing and measuring everything you eat.
  • If you want to focus on nutritious diet, record nutritional components like fat, sugar, salt etc.
  • If you have habitual eating problems then focus on recording time of day, where with, whom and activity.
  • For emotional eating issues, log your moods and their connections to eating patterns.

Make Food Journal Template for you according to your unique needs and situations to eat healthy diet.

Click here to download this Food Journal Template

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