Cocktail Menu Template

Cocktail party is one of social gatherings that have been celebrating over the years. Cocktail party is basically celebrated during the decade of 1900s. This party lasts just for 2-3 hours. Cocktail party can be arranged to have friends and relatives at your home or it may be a business gathering. Whatever the type of cocktail party, it is just a way of entertainment and have some fun with each other. You can make cocktail party very simple or complex and formal as you want to do it. In any case, given below should be some of questions to ask from you before you start planning cocktail party.

  • Is you are going to celebrate casual cocktail party with your friends or is it a business like event?
  • Will cocktail party menu be limited or full bar?
  • How much time and effort you can put into it to celebrate cocktail party?
  • Are you going to celebrate cocktail party indoor or somewhere outdoor?
  • How many guests you have intention to invite on cocktail party?
  • Would it be a themed party?
  • How much money you want to spend on celebrating cocktail party?
  • What will be the food menu for cocktail party?

Here is preview of this Cocktail Menu Template for Cocktail Bars,

Cocktail Menu Template

These are necessary points that you should consider for celebrating a well-planned cocktail party. All these points will help you make best arrangements for planning great cocktail party. However there are some other useful hints and tips for cocktail parties that you can follow to have great fun on this event. These are not hard and fast rules for planning cocktail parties but they will make you convenient during you are celebrating party.

  • Select the proper time and date for celebrating cocktail party.
  • Make a list of guests you want to invite on this party.
  • Now send invitations to inviting guests. Send invitations early but not too early.
  • Make proper food pairing. It means what you should serve as drinks with which type of snacks and food. Arranging 2-3 drinks per person would be better. Avoid arranging alcoholic beverages to your party refreshment.
  • Arrange proper seating arrangements for inviting guests.
  • Decoration of party venue can also be a part of cocktail party celebrations so don’t forget to do appropriate decoration.
  • If you add any activity during celebrations of cocktail party, this will add “WOW” factor to your party.

You can win the title of good host and hostess by following the tips given above. These tips will surely make your cocktail party a great source of amusement for your inviting guests and they will remember the memories of this party for many years.

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