Budget Comparison Template

Usually companies prepare annual business plan that include financial forecast. The budget is a management tool that serves as strategic direction for the company. It helps you to determine the steps that are required to find out strategic direction for your organization. This will help you to evaluate the pros and cons of strategic actions. Budget comparison will help you to forecast the revenues and profit of the company. You can get actual results that are available at the end of each month. These results are measured up to the budgeted statistics in the budget comparison reports. Different factors should be considered while budget comparison and these factors are as under:

Budget Comparison Preparation

Financial results can be accessed by finance department of the company. Accounts statements help you to prepare budget with proper financial planning and department analysis. Budgets are designed in the same format of the monthly accounting statements. Budget reports will help you to get actual budget comparison without any difficulty. Statements are typically automated the budget figures so that the comparison reports can be automatically prepared.

Compare the Value of Budget

Variations between budget and actual figures divulge vital information to the executives of the company about how the business is performing. It is essential to prepare budget carefully so that you can get accurate prediction about the goals of the company to accomplish in the upcoming year. This will help you to identify all problems quickly without any delay.

Analysis and Interpretation

Large companies with different departments and divisions compare the volume of accounting statements. These statements are produced to prepare budget comparison reports.  Accounting and finance personnel evaluate accounting data to prepare summary reports for the review of senior managements. These reports are prepared each month to analyze significant variances. Charts and graphs are designed to demonstrate key trends that the top management needs to evaluate and discuss. Analysts usually prepare budget comparison report to analyze the variations in revenues and expenses.

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udget comparison template

Corrective Action  

Budget comparison reports should be reviewed by senior management to determine corrective actions being taken. If the sales for the one product plummet below the budget for the number of months, alteration in the marketing stratagem can be made to get sales back on track. Revenue shortfall occurs due to factors beyond the ability of the company to control economic downturn. Budget comparison will help you to cover the gap between actual budget and results. Top management addresses higher budget expenses with the use of properly designed budget comparison reports.

Brief summary of selective budget of a specific period will help you to highlight good and bad of the budget. You can include brief discussion to get the budget back to the track with required adjustments. It will be beneficial to divide your budget comparison report in different sections to write different strategies for the betterment of your business. You can use different colors to highlight important items in the budget comparison sheet. It will help you to make positive changes in the budget without any waste of time.

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