Birthday Invitation Template

Birthday invitation is necessary part of your birthday party because it is frequently used mean to invite your guests to the birthday party. It plays vital role to portray your first impression in front of your guests. These are generally designed following a special theme or color according to the nature of event or choice of birthday person. It can be funny, personalized or casual depending on the personality of your guest of honor. Although there are lots of options for birthday invitations such as one can choose pre designed birthday invitations but if you want to design a personalized birthday invitation then you have to do something special. Art work and special wordings can make your birthday invitation more creative and pretty. In order to help you today I will share some creative tips to design birthday invitations:

Use of Rubber Stamps

Different rubber stamps are available at craft-supply store and with the use of these stamps you can give a unique touch to your birthday cards. You can easily get variety of patterns, images and fonts. If you want old style then white old style wood mounted stamps are easily available from the market and manufactured from transparent rubber. It is very easy to create a great birthday invitations with the help of rubber stamps and it is great option for those who do not have designing skills.

Use of Card Stock

Wide variety of card stocks is available in the market that help you a lot to design a creative birthday invitation. You can visit any stationary store to buy a perfect card stock according to your theme of birthday party. You can choose different colors and designs as per your choice because unique card stocks will save your lots of efforts and money in the designing of birthday invitations.

Printable Birthday Invitations

If you have proper command on different designing software and photo editing software then you can easily design a printable birthday invitation. You can make your work easy with the help of birthday invitation template because these templates are easy to modify and can save your time as well as efforts. You can easily modify the printable birthday invitation before taking its printout on a glossy paper.

Embellishments to Decorate Your Birthday Invitation Cards

Different kinds of embellishments are available in the market to add a unique and decorative flair to your birthday card. You can use different beads, glitters, stickers, crystals and different other items to decorate your birthday invitation cards after taking their final printouts. You can use different colors and items as per your choice and the theme of your birthday party.

Here is a sample Birthday Invitation Template created using MS Word,

Birthday Invitation Template

While designing birthday invitation card always keep it in mind that it should reflect nature and theme of your party.  Do not forget to consider ages and taste of guests before designing your birthday invitation card. Choose right words to express your thoughts and best wishes. Be creative and use welcoming sentences to invite your guests.

Click here to download above Birthday Invitation Template

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