Binary To Decimal Converter Template

Digitals devices like computers and calculators use a unique system of number which is totally different than the one we humans use. It’s called a binary system and it only uses two numbers 0 and 1. This way the computer processing is much easier because the digital devices can only understand two states, on and off. But we humans can’t understand that language since it contains only two numbers so we use a much easier and uncomplicated numbering method which is called decimal system and this system contains ten possible values and makes it quite understanding for us. This is why we use a binary system in computer programming and decimal system in other daily life calculations and human base processes.

Those who operate computers other the ones that develop a program are called programmers and they only use the binary system in their processes. But they can’t use the same numbering system in regular life so it’s vital that they convert the binary system into decimal so that we can use and understand it. This is where a binary to decimal converter comes handy as it converts the binary numbers into decimal and vice versa. We use this converter while using different numbering systems to avoid confusion and figurative errors. If it’s written as 1001000110, we can’t understand it but if this converter converts it into decimal, it’s becomes 153435 and now it’s quite easy to understand it. Since the binary system is the only language that a computer understands so when a programmer operates it, he converts the decimal numbers into binary figures using this calculator and after that when he wants to present the output to his superiors he again uses this converter to convert the binary numbers into decimal figures.

Many non-integral values live 0.2 has an infinite value in binary systems which is “0011001100110011…” but this long figure has a tiny value in decimal which is “.2” and now it’s quite understandable so this is the main advantage of this converter that it enable us to see the complicated binary numbers in form of easy decimals. Since a computer can’t understand a decimal system, the programmer uses this converter to convert the decimals figures into binary numbers to enter it into computer and other electronic devices. When we use this converter within a computer, we don’t need to do any extra work and the computer automatically gives the results in decimal and also we don’t need to put binary numbers but we use common decimal numbers and the computer understands them by using this converter.

Here is preview of this Binary To Decimal Converter Template,

Binary Decimal Hexadecimal Converter

Uses of a binary to decimal converter in our daily lives:

  • Computers use this converter to convert the decimal figures into binary numbers entered by a human.
  • Computer programmers use this converter to enter binary codes into computers.
  • Digital devices like watches and calculators use this converter and show the figures into decimals numbers with the help of this converter.
  • Mathematicians use this converter to convert binary figures into decimal numbers to easily make the calculations and to solve the complicated equations and problems.
  • Transmitters use this converter as a human enter decimal number, it reaches to the device in binary codes with the help of this converter and then the transmitter emits signals in binary codes which later detected by another receiver and it converts the signals into decimal numbers.

Here is download link of this Binary To Decimal Converter Template,

Download Binary To Decimal Converter Template

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