Benefit Flyer Template

A flyer is a pamphlet, poster, or handbill, used for advertising purposes. It covers wide market because it is distributed or posted in public places. Flyer is a tool to advertise your benefits to the targeted customers. It is an effective marketing strategy due to its wide distribution and low costs. The businesses and individuals use this paper advertisement to recruit employees, promote a product or service, advertise an event or campaign, and convey religious, political, and social messages.

People usually hire individuals to create flyers for them, but you can also make them by yourselves. Let us start with following steps to design a flyer for you:

  • Gather all required information to a single place. This includes list of benefits, date, time, and location of a company. Contact information like phone number, email, and website address must be included in a flyer. Make sure you have all the necessary data with you.
  • It is very difficult to grab attention of customers to yourself. You have only a second or less to get attention of customers. People do not have their whole lives for you. Your flyer tagline must be a catchy one. It must have all information to answer the unspoken questions of customers. The tagline of your flyer must be a trigger to all.
  • In this modern era, people do not want to know who you are; they just want to know that what you will do for them. So, put some customer benefits on your flyer to grab his/her attention.
  • Compare yourself with your competitors. This is a best way to communicate your competitive edge or points of differentiation to your customers. All your arguments must have proper reasons. Otherwise, you will lose your image.
  • People make a big mistake by putting all advertising material on a flyer. Customers usually do not like such kinds of flyers, which are crowded with the words. They even do not look at them. So, make your flyer content precise and short. Try to be specific and limit content to no more than 70 words.
  • List all your offerings/benefits on your flyer. Customers seek benefits for them.
  • Always go with some special offers. You may offer sale on a product or aftersales services to your customers. The incentive must be entitled with a limited time offer. This strategy works on a large number of customers.
  • The most important step is to check the grammatical or spelling errors. These kinds of errors reduce your credibility in the customers’ eyes. Read repeatedly your content. People cannot see their mistake while writing. The best way of proofreading is to read content in loud voice or take out a print of your flyer. This activity eliminates mistakes and makes the content free of errors.
  • Distribute your flyer at least two times to a customer at different times. This strategy works far well than distributing only a single flyer to a customer. In promotion or advertisement of a product, frequency is very important to keep in mind.

Here is preview of this Benefit Flyer Template,

Benefit Flyer Template

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