Apartment Flyer Template

Apartment flyers are the excellent means of informing people for finding rental solutions for an apartment. Apartment flyers are used by those home and apartment owners who want to advertise for renting a house without the help of rental agencies. Apartment flyers make you able to get a better rental option for your house which is very useful and cost effective as compared to the cost of rental agencies. On the other hand, apartment flyer is quick and effective enough to attract the attention of people walking by. As compared to finding a top notch rental agency in your area, creating an apartment flyer for renting an apartment or a house is not a difficult and challenging task. Creating apartment flyers are very simple and take a very short time because you can create an apartment flyer with the help of Microsoft word. Apartment flyer is a best option for throwing an advertisement for renting a house or apartment especially on a local level and therefore people usually prefer to advertise via apartment flyers.

Apart from finding rental solutions, apartment flyers are also effective in finding potential clients for your house and help you in getting a high price for your apartment or house. Apartment flyers, whether are created for finding a potential buyer or for renting a house are almost similar.

Guidelines for creating an apartment flyer

When it comes to creating an apartment flyer, keep in mind your target market as you have to highlight all the details for your customers in a way to make them excited to read your flyers. Rental apartment flyers are a bit concise and short as compared to a selling apartment flyer.

  • Enlist all the details of your apartment that you want to mention on your flyer. Usually, an apartment flyer is based on information like rental price, selling price of an apartment, requirements for a rental or which kind of customer/client you want, photographs of the apartment and your contact information.
  • Never write too much information about the apartment and try to be realistic and always include things that are really there in your apartment.
  • Keep the images and signs larger on your apartment flyer to make them clear and readable.
  • Once you complete the designing of your flyer, take a print out and contact a professional printing press to print required amount of copies.
  • Choose a perfect size for your flyer, a best size for a flyer is 8.5 x 11 inches.


The effectiveness of apartment flyer is greatly affected by the channel of distribution you choose.

  • Choose different popular places in the surroundings of your apartment for pasting the apartment flyer like petrol pumps, newspapers and other public places.
  • Paste a large size apartment flyer on the house or apartment that you want to sell or want to offer for rent, this will help people in understanding that this particular apartment is for rent or sell and they can even advertise it through words of mouth.
  • Post a copy of flyer near all mail boxes, petrol pumps, on the top of the apartment and in other public places.

Here is preview of this Apartment Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Apartment Flyer Template

Click here to download this Apartment Flyer

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